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User Id: daaanlewis

Email Address: Private

Date Registered: 2 October 2008

Author's Biography

Me? Well, I wrote my first novel, 'Stays', whilst studying for my M.A. in Novel Writing at Manchester University. I was awarded the prize for best novel on the course...but still failed to get it published. I’ve written a screenplay and plenty of short stories, plus my short play, 'The First Time I Killed Myself', has been performed at London’s Soho Theatre. My second novel, 'Dead Dom' has also appeared on youwriteon. It just missed the number one spot in November 2008...

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Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
the tracks... (revised) 25 Oct 2011
the tracks... 17 May 2011
The Only Conclusion 09 Mar 2010
Disney's Dream Debased 15 Jan 2010
I Think The Sun Is Shining 29 Oct 2009
bcc: 30 Mar 2009
Dead Dom 05 Oct 2008


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