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Took a degree in literature at l’Université de la Vie. Married and begat three children before receiving an honorary doctoring at El Servicio Nacional de Salud.
And now, with a mainline career exited and offspring sprung along life’s high road, I’ve become stuck in a once frequented garret, having lost the key in a stream of consciousness.
The aim has always been to write organically: ignoring the shape and flavour and mood of the month while accepting the bruising that comes from alternative nutrition.
Hail sisters and brothers in sentence stitching! May we never lose the thirst for a radiant line and often enjoy a quenching.

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
The Dracon Flies 25 May 2019
Calligraphic 22 Jul 2016
Mysteries of Shade 30 Dec 2014
Billy, Ruth and Marcus 29 Dec 2012
Dark Vale 05 Aug 2010


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