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I wrote for 20 years in TV and film, both on documentaries and on drama/feature length films. I have written with both John Gilbert (Director, Lewis Gilbert's son) and Hollywood Producer Bernie Williams (Daredevil, Charlotte's Web etc). In 2005 my first novel, Some Strange Scent of Death was published by Whittles Publishing in Scotland. It was a fictionalised account of the disappearance of the Flannan lighthouse keepers. It garnered much publicity in the Scottish Press. I was interviewed on camera in May 2014 for a Discovery Science Channel documentary on the Flannan disaster. This was aired in the States on the 19th August and in the UK on 15th October 2014.

My book The Finish tells the story of an 18th century Covent Garden prostitute who is forced to solve a murder or swing from the gallows. The Remaining Voice is set in 1950s Paris and is about a woman haunted by her Great Aunt, a once renowned opera singer.

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
The Nine Lives of Antoine Montvoisin - amended and extended 03 Apr 2018
The Nine Lives of Antoine Montvoisin - rewrite 29 Nov 2017
The Nine Lives of Antoine Montvoisin 01 Sep 2016
The Finish 19 Sep 2014


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