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Date Registered: 24 February 2010

Author's Biography

I went to East Africa with a veterinary degree, a family and a Land Rover, and managed to extend a two-year contract to twenty years during which time I became an expert on a disease of cattle and wildlife that no one outside Africa has ever heard of.

I worked closely with the Maasai people and with wildlife, and drove my Land Rover to places where no man has gone before – or so it seemed. I camped among elephants, canoed among hippos and photographed a rhino in my pyjamas. Having survived, I returned to the UK and now write fiction for adults and children, all of which is set in hot places - mostly East Africa. The nearest I now get to an off-road vehicle is a ride-on mower.

"It's Hell in the Tropics" (on Amazon) is a series of short stories based (loosely) of my my time in the tropics.

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
The Leopard-Tortoise 28 Aug 2018
Hippopotamus as Garden Pest 25 May 2018
Highway of Darkness (revised) Part 1 05 Jan 2018
COBRA 03 Jan 2018
Waking the Sleepers 22 Dec 2017
Operation Fruit-Bat 20 Dec 2017


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