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User Id: Virgilius

Email Address: Private

Date Registered: 28 May 2008

Author's Biography

I live partly in Palermo, Sicily and partly in London, England. I work part time as a court interpreter and a translator in Palermo but dedicate most of my time to writing. I have published some short stories and non-fiction articles. "Evil Eye" is my first published novel.

I studied Classics at Cambridge University and briefly taught Latin after I graduated. I have also taught English as a foreign language in Istanbul, Milan and London. For ten years I worked in investment banking, travelling around Europe to research investment opportunities and advising professional investors.

Book Chapters

This author has uploaded the following book chapters. To view a book, click on the book title.

Title Date Uploaded
The Ice Queen 10 Nov 2009
The Bowels of the Earth (novel) 16 Jan 2009
In His Own World 13 Nov 2008
A Little Knowledge 06 Jul 2008
The Godmother: An English Housewife takes on Sicily 19 Jun 2008
The Bowels of the Earth 28 May 2008


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