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Author Profile: Tommi << Back

User Id: Tommi

Email Address: Private

Date Registered: 3 January 2008

Author's Biography

I write things down and what makes me happiest is when I get to read them out.

I hang out at Year Zero Writers and run a micro micro publisher, eight cuts gallery press, two titles in 2010, 4 more in 2011. We also hold online literary exhibitions replete with art and film, and hyperlinky curation, that are more like art things. In February and March we'll be holding one on modern fairytales.

I host a literary night once a month at a gallery in a castle turret in Oxford. It'd be lovely to see all and sundry there.

The next big thing in literary fiction will be the kind of layered, complex, deliciously rich stuff that has its modern roots in burlesque. You heard it here first.

I'm e-mailable at

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
The Last Fluffer in La La Land 22 Jan 2011
The Honesty of Bodies 13 Jan 2011
The Man Who Painted Agnieszka's Shoes 05 Jan 2011
SKIN BOOK 16 Dec 2009
Different Shades of Red 30 Jul 2008
Under a Different Star (v2) 25 Jul 2008
Under a Different Star 22 Jul 2008
Songs from the Other Side of the Wall (later chapters) 26 Jun 2008
Songs from the Other Side of the Wall 13 Jun 2008
The Company of Fellows (3rd revision) 13 Mar 2008
Coastlines 18 Feb 2008
Lotte's Rats 31 Jan 2008
Coming Home To Die 07 Jan 2008


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