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I 've loved words and writing ever since I was nine years old. It was when I won a writing competition at school that my English teacher encouraged me to read widely and to continue writing. I headed his words, and read books in the languages I had studied. (French, Spanish and Russian and later Japanese).
After graduating from Durham University, I became a trainee journalist with a local newspaper. Unfortunately, due to a car accident, I never qualified, as I couldn't finish my training.
When I had recovered sufficiently, my mother and I joined my father in Tokyo, Japan on his last posting. During the three years there I was attracted to the language and everything about the country. I studied Japanese, and was able to continue, and complete an M.A. in Japanese Studied at S.O.A.S (School of Oriental and African studies- University of London)
Learning new cultures added a new dimension to my writing, and helped to enrich my imagination.

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
Lucy's lies 07 Oct 2019
Timing 29 Oct 2017
Fire and the mountain men 02 Jun 2017
Changing times 26 Aug 2016


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