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Having studied Archaeology and Anthropology at U.C.L. i became addicted to travel in a way people become addicted to chocolate. Having worked in Peru and Africa digging, i soon left it behind to travel as a "free spirit". i have worked as a cowboy in Texas, a naturalist in Nepal, an aid worker during the Bosnian War, a teacher in Brazil. i have imported goods from India, Brazil, Thailand, Guatemala, Bolivia amongst others, travelling to around fifty countries. during this time i rode around Australia on a motorcycle and having lived two years in Israel unable to work, i decided to write a fiction very loosely based on my experiences.
Oven-ready Roadkill is my first novel and attempts to reveal what it is like to journey around a vast country in search of the Australian Dream. there are no guns or huge cases of money, but a road book it is.
Having now worked in Israel as a ghost writer for the past two years I have now written another book: Flintstaff and Cramp: The Curious Case of the Case. A steam punk novel with a modern twist. Think Blackadder meets Flashman meets Terry Pratchett!

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
Flintstaff and Cramp: The Curious Case of the Case V.3 30 Mar 2015
The Ridge 13 Mar 2014
Flintstaff and Cramp: The Curious Case of the Case v.2 13 Nov 2013
The Errorist 16 Jul 2011
Flintstaff and Cramp: The Curious Case of the Case 20 May 2011
Oven-Ready Roadkill 06 Nov 2007


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