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Date Registered: 4 March 2015

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I'm old, or feel old. My hair's going grey, so I've done a lot of things. I'm running out of time to do much more - have to focus. I lived in a tent and surfed as a teenager. In my twenties, I was an Intelligence Officer, then hitch-hiked across the Sahara to travel up the Congo River on a river boat. Wearing a pair of flipflops I walked through the Saadani National Park, bottom to top. Did a PhD on Finnegans Wake, which took ten years. Was an IT Director at several places, the last a big London University, to put the kids through school. Fenced in the veterans World Fencing Championships in Hungary, Limoges is this year. All the time I write and write, with nothing ever published. Maybe it will never come. Death creeps about in the shadows, ever closer.

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
Feeding the Borfimah - revised 31 Mar 2018
Borfimah 20 Apr 2017
Zeruzeru 06 Apr 2015
Shaheed! 04 Mar 2015


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