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Date Registered: 4 June 2012

Author's Biography

My home is a mud hut in the northern highlands of Ethiopia where my Ethiopian husband and I run a school as a non-profit social enterprise to help our community. Our village is so remote that we only gained Internet access in April 2013. The Internet connection is slow, and unreliable because of frequent, prolonged electricity cuts.

Because there is a great shortage of culturally-appropriate books for Ethiopian children, I am interested in writing children's stories to be published in English and Amharic. To this end, I am working my way through Nina Milton's The Enchanted Pen course on writing for children.

In April 2014 a fellow YWO writer very generously gave me a present of the Fish Flash Fiction course. I'm finding it a challenge but, by the end of the three-month course, my writing should have improved greatly.

Ethiopia provides me with much inspiration for my writing. In my spare time (usually in the evening, after my children are in bed) I pen short stories and am also working on four adventure novels for junior/teens. When there are power cuts, I write by the light of three candles, so my manuscripts are stained with wax and occasionally singed and burnt. At least I have a pen and don't have to fiddle around with quill and ink!

My Writing Blog is on my website:

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Doctor Yewubdar 19 Apr 2014
Olive Tree at Sunset 04 Jun 2012


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