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Date Registered: 24 March 2009

Author's Biography

I'm a mum of two, am on the executive board for a global IT organisation, and am a writer working on my second novel, Daughter of a Divorcee. In short, I'm a juggler.

I was born in the North East of England but life's journey has meant lengthy periods living in London, Edinburgh, Cape Town, and now Western Australia. My writing has been inspired by the beauty of these parts of the world and by the diverse contrasts that exist within them.

My first novel, The Pinstripe Prisoner, recently reached number one in the YWO charts and moved into the Bestsellers chart, plus reached the long list in the UK Exeter Novel Awards. I've also just been signed up by a leading Australian Literary Agent in the last month. Thank you to all of the YWO reviewers for helping me get this far!

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
Daughter of a Divorcee 10 Mar 2017
The Pinstripe Prisoner (Chapters 4-8) 01 Dec 2016
The Pinstripe Prisoner 16 Oct 2016


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