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Author Profile: Joe 90 << Back

User Id: Joe 90

Email Address: Private

Date Registered: 24 January 2008

Author's Biography

I am an engineer with a love of literature. For a long time I assumed that everybody could write flowing prose. Only when I realised that it was a minority ability did I make serious attempts to explore and refine my pastime. Many short stories later, I embarked upon Timescope, a full length novel for teenagers, chapter one of which was uploaded here about a year ago. Under the careful, patient tutelage of a close friend, I have learnt the hard way how to draw a storyline out, drop hints and leads to involve the reader and make the story flow.

Update: 2008. "Past; Tense," my first collection of short stories is approaching completion. I have had a lot of brilliant feedback from YWO and if you are amongst those who took the time to review any of the stories, thank you. It has really helped to weed out the bad bits!

Update Jan. 2009. 'Timescope' has emerged blinking into daylight. There, in all its glory with covers designed and produced by Esther, my daughter.

To find it type 'Timescope' into Amazon. If you buy it, I would really appreciate feedback.

Feb 2009 website up and running: To view the face behind the Joe90 tag, go to

2010 update. Past; Tense, my short story collection is flying off the shelves. At least two bought to date and my friend in the coffee shop has offered to buy another. Excellent front cover, the work of Esther. What will I do when she leaves home?

Update Jan 2010. Bloomsbury phone. "When can you sign a six book deal?" I agree just so long as they don't allow JK Rowling's books to overshadow my work. They promise exclusive marketing coverage.
Mmm, these tablets are nice, think I'll take another...

April 2010. My daughter's artistic ability has been given free rein with several commissions from YWO regulars. If you are interested in having a book cover done quickly and well, here is her website:

Book Chapters

This author has uploaded the following book chapters. To view a book, click on the book title.

Title Date Uploaded
The Swordsman of Calais 30 Apr 2010
Aiming for the heart 05 Nov 2009
Eulogy (rev'd) 24 Sep 2009
Let me think 18 Jun 2009
You never dream of dying 08 Feb 2009
Diminuendo 13 Nov 2008
He sings because he is 27 Aug 2008


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