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Author Profile: Gordon Knight << Back

User Id: Gordon Knight

Email Address: Private

Date Registered: 7 February 2008

Author's Biography

After 25 years as a professional liar (PR man, not politician), I rediscovered the pleasures of creative writing following early retirement to indulge my other passion - sailing. After completing two and a half novels as part of the relearning process (PR is like belladonna to creative writing skills), I now concentrate on short story writing and the occasional poem. One day soon I plan to return to novel writing, once other pleasures such as sailing and living in the inspirational landscape of the New Forest in southern England stop getting in the way.

Book Chapters

This author has uploaded the following book chapters. To view a book, click on the book title.

Title Date Uploaded
A Dish For Ophelia 08 Apr 2008
The Slopes of Mynydd Du 25 Mar 2008
Happy Anniversary 07 Mar 2008
The Keeper of Lost Records 06 Mar 2008
A Day in the Country 05 Mar 2008
Blue Monday 04 Mar 2008
The Messenger 03 Mar 2008
Emily's Lover 29 Feb 2008
Windfall 29 Feb 2008
VERA 29 Feb 2008
A Gift of the Gods 22 Feb 2008
Holmsley Passage 21 Feb 2008
Gwendolyn 20 Feb 2008
The Monkey's Fist 19 Feb 2008
Porphyria 17 Feb 2008
Trust Me 16 Feb 2008
A Little Fratch 14 Feb 2008
The Harvesters 14 Feb 2008
The Selkie 11 Feb 2008
A Debt to Zeno 08 Feb 2008
Grindling Halt 07 Feb 2008
A Question of Immortality 07 Feb 2008


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