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Date Registered: 23 March 2008

Author's Biography

Dave Walker works as an Hearing Aid Audiologist and must deal with people cupping their hand around their ear and saying ‘What?’ on a daily basis. To which he has to laugh politely and say, in a clipped tone, ‘I’ve not heard that one before.’

He has two martial arts black belts and his feet are deadly weapons, they smell awful!

His thirst for knowledge has brought him Open University credits in several science disciplines and one court case in which the charges were dropped.

Dave writes with his friend, Mike Cope. The partnership has endured longer than marriages and murder sentences and has yielded a measure of success namely, many published short stories and several shortlisted pieces in the international competition which was the Ian St James Literary awards. One such piece, a crime story, was dramatised on BBC radio.

Together they have written numerous short stories, a science fiction novel entitled, ‘Eternal Obsidian’, a crime fiction novel entitled, ‘Coloured Vapour,’ and a fantasy screen play entitled’ The Down Station,’ and are at present seeking representation for these works of literary genius. (or is that glorified toilet paper?)

Dave is currently using Mike in a correlation study on age and waistline. At age twenty eight, Mike's waist was also twenty eight. Mike, now having reached 43, has expanded to an equivalent value. In anticipation of the next decade or so his girlfriend Kay is taking extreme steps by re enforcing the bed and widening the doorways.

Dave lives with his wife, Samantha, son of ten years, Adam, and daughter of two years, Darcy. Sam is a graduate psychologist which some would argue is a necessary requisit when married to Dave.

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
Forever Franchise 19 Jul 2011
Homecoming 15 Dec 2009
Symbolic Behaviour Emporium 03 Jun 2008
A Conspiracy of Fates 18 May 2008


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