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Author Profile: Brian L << Back

User Id: Brian L

Email Address: Private

Date Registered: 11 February 2006

Author's Biography

I started writing after retiring from full-time employment as a British government official. I have written two novels, Walter's Retirement (bits of which were available on this site) & Adelaide - A Life of Quiet Desperation, which is being tried out on this site. I have recently been concentrating on short stories.
If anyone I review wants to discuss further/take issue/ demand my immediate disembowelling get in touch on

Book Chapters

This author has uploaded the following book chapters. To view a book, click on the book title.

Title Date Uploaded
Faith, Hope and Charity 29 Dec 2015
Sandra's Choice 17 Aug 2015
The Magician 22 Jul 2015
Small Beginnings 21 Mar 2015
The Same Army 09 Feb 2015
Gerald 14 Oct 2014
A Favour for Helen 07 Sep 2014
Hell Hath or Saving Jason 13 Jul 2014
(1) The Old Folks at Home (2) The Job Hunter 10 Jun 2013
Coffee and Carrot Cake 15 May 2013
Ken, Doreen and Bernard 09 May 2013
Incident at Grandiston Hall 04 Apr 2013
The Queen and I 27 Mar 2013
Adelaide - a life of quiet desperation 14 Mar 2013
The Eulogy; A Dog's Tale; A son in law - three short stories 03 Feb 2013
Active Service 04 Oct 2011
Eric 26 Aug 2011
The children's holiday in Mortlake; Flowers for Dad; Calling cousins. Three short stories 18 Mar 2011
Chat and chilli. A short story. 14 Sep 2010
Jeremy & Leaving home. Two short stories 14 Aug 2010
Two Shots in the Dark 06 Jul 2010
Democracy at Work; Diaries; Apron Strings. Three short stories. 29 Jan 2010
The Sport of Kyngs 23 Jan 2010
Pieces of Silver 25 Sep 2009


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