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Date Registered: 18 February 2019

Author's Biography

I am a late twenty-something who holds two Bachelor's degrees in Journalism and English. I am a born and bred Virginian. I've been writing creatively off and on since I was 13. Recently I have spurred myself to begin writing again after a respite of about six years. Currently I am working on a collection of short stories I call "Richmonders," concerning the lives of twenty-something millennials living in contemporary Richmond, Virginia. The collection will span 12 unrelated stories with the only thing binding them together is the city of Richmond herself. So far I have drafted six of the 12 stories and I currently plan to post all of them here. I hope you enjoy!

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
The New South 07 Mar 2019
Across the Threshold 18 Feb 2019


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