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Date Registered: 3 October 2008

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I'm a graduate in English Language and Literature, with an MA in Early English and a PhD on Beowulf. I took early retirement after a career in university teaching, theatre (the RSC in Stratford), and medical administration. I also spent ten years in a TA Yeomanry Royal Signals unit, where I discovered an unexpected talent as a marksman with rifle, pistol and sub-machine gun.

I read Terry Pratchett, David Wishart, John Sandford, Sharyn McCrumb, Gillian Linscott, Dorothy Whipple - that kind of thing. I usually avoid reading (or reviewing) "serious" fantasy, horror and ghost stories, unless they are by writers whose other work I admire, and I would rather eat my own eyeballs than read (or review) any more chicklit.

My first novel "Ready, Steady, Dig!" was a runner up for the YWO 2011 Book of the Year. "Ready, Steady, Dig!" and its sequel, "Gnome or Mr Nice Guy," are both YWO Best Sellers and are available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions. All profits from the first edition of "Ready, Steady, Dig!" have gone to The Smile Train, a charity which provides operations for children in Third World countries born with cleft lip/palate. Any profits from the first edition of "Gnome or Mr Nice Guy" will go to St Goran Bell Fund. My first book of children's stories, "The Mice of St Goran," also a YWO Best Seller, has so far raised over £1000 for the St Goran Bell Fund.

If you want to know more about my books, or if you should happen to be in need of such items as a teeshirt with a Latin slogan, an indoor gnome bowling set, a replica Roman oil lamp or a waxed tablet and stylus, you might find what you're looking for at my website:

October 2011: my "Athene" YWO account has stopped working (apparently this is happening to a lot of people who have been with YWO for several years) - so I am abandoning it and starting a new one under the username rosalindwinter.

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
HEOROT (working title) 18 Aug 2011
The Mice of St Goran (revised) 03 May 2010
Ready, Steady, Dig! 29 Nov 2009
How to catch a Mermaid (revised) 29 Aug 2009
Monkey Business (revised) 14 Mar 2009
The Scarlet Ribbon (revised) 02 Mar 2009
Gnome or Mr Nice Guy (2nd revision) 09 Dec 2008


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