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1992, Iran had its first parliamentary elections since the death of Khomeini. Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, the head of judiciary,  promised reforms of the legal system and making fair trials with mandatory presence of defence lawyers and pledged that they will prosecute no one on religious grounds. 
The radicals who held the stronghold of power perceived president Rafsanjani’s more pragmatic policies as a betrayal of revolutionary values and goals launched an aggressive opposition on candidates supporting the presidents reform platform, they disqualified hundreds on political grounds
After a month of campaign, the president won a two-thirds majority in parliament this raised the expectations and hopes of the Iranian people that respect for basic human rights with a more tolerant society and that living conditions would improve.  However, the people were to see their hopes and aspirations come to nothing
The economic and social climate deteriorated accompanied with the backlash of high-handed government policies. Freedom of expression further restricted. Political arrests and discrimination against women in all institutions along with harassment of women in public places regarding dress and appearance increased.
Discontent turned to unrest. April saw the start of mass anti-government demonstrations that swept cities, protestors set government buildings on fire and pulled pictures of Khomeini, Rafsanjani and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, down. 
In the coming months unrest reached a boiling point.  large anti-government demonstrations erupted all over Iran of an unprecedented mass movement not seen since the 1979 revolution. A terrified regime responded in the only way it knew, resorting back to its “revolutionary courts.
Abusive policies were again on the rise with in stricter enforcement of “revolutionary” values. Thousands arrested and sentenced to prison. Independent publications were closed or destroyed, their staff arrested and even, imprisoned. Political assassina

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