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My name is Shirley. I have always wanted to write but once my children were born life took over. I lived for 15 years in the USA and have traveled extensively and always felt that I could write material related to the places I have visited. Learning to write is not easy as there are so many things to look out for. I've written some of what I like to call 'training material' and posted it on Amazon to see if I can actually write based on sales. Once somebody ACTUALLY bought a book I realized that I need to work hard to make sure that the work I do going forward is of best quality. That's why I was so excited to find this site where other authors can critique my work and teach me where I'm going wrong or right as their opinions are so varied but always appreciated.
thanks for all your words, they've been tremendously helpful.
As for me, I'm Irish born of an Irish mother and Polish father. I have two children a boy 25 and a girl 23 and neither of them will read in case their's that thing called sex in the books!!! Maybe if Through the Glass Door actually gets published it might make them think twice.
thanks again for your words

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Through The Glass Door 14 Jul 2018


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