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Having once read that anyone with ambitions to write should write at least fifty short stories before even attempting a novel, I set about doing just that. Okay, I didn't get to fifty individual stories, but if you include different versions and styles of similar pieces, I must have got pretty close. Upon discovering YouWriteOn, I decided to upload a number on these stories and inflict them on other people.

That done, I was keen to write something a bit longer. There's a hell of a lot of work involved in this writing lark, so I was wary of tackling a full length novel and decided to write a novella instead. That novella is The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea, a science fiction story that required a fair bit of research. I like to think of it as a cross between 2001: A Space Odyssey and Trainspotting. Anyway, it is probably the result of watching films like Moon, Solaris and Danny Boyle's underrated sci-fi movie, Sunshine. (The nuclear fusion spaceships in Silent Whales are similar to the Icarus II in Sunshine; Danny Boyle just took more liberties where gravity was concerned.) Listening to music by Anathema and reading an unhealthy amount of JG Ballard novels may well have contributed to the overall feel of the story. It is a dark tale, seen through the eyes of a narrator who is not as reliable a source as he first appears.

Next up, I decided it was about time to write a novel... One that wasn't anywhere near as bleak and one that didn't require anywhere near as much research.

Horizon: A Question of Survival is that novel. Although I've labelled it as 'sci-fi', it really has nothing in common with my previous novella. It's a lighthearted crime caper set on a planet that exists in my head and was pretty fun to write.

After finishing A Question of Survival, I decided to go back and rewrite The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea, and now - having (temporarily) abandoned another novella - I am trying to come up with a plot for my next planet Horizon story.

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea (2018 rewrite) 22 Mar 2018
Horizon: A Question of Survival (chapters 3&4) 26 Dec 2014
Horizon: A Question of Survival (chapter 2) 16 Nov 2014
Horizon: A Question of Survival (revised) 15 Nov 2014
A Question of Survival 05 Aug 2012
Underneath the Rowan Tree & God-like 14 Oct 2011
The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea (chapters 4-6) 05 Feb 2011
The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea (& author's note) 07 Nov 2010
After The Washout 30 May 2010
EDDIE-NO-NECK 02 Jan 2010


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