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2014 - The publishers of Dan Brown and Terry Pratchett, Random House & Orion, review the YouWriteOn Top 10 Budding Authors every month throughout the year. Free to join and enter. Upload & review and rate chapters & short stories & yours are reviewed in return with the highest rated receiving leading publisher feedback.  Click above to join and the system will take you through how to upload your chapters. 

YouWriteOn Book of the Year Awards

Many congratulations to the YouWriteOn Book of The Year Award Winners ! Winners & Finalists who have developed their novels on youwriteon have achieved book deals with world leading publishers as a result - including Penguin, Random House, Orion, Harper Collins, Transworld, Hodder & Stoughton and Little Brown.  View Results

YouWriteOn Members mainstream publishing successes include a six figure book deal with Random House, & book deals with Orion, Penguin, Harper Collins and Little Brown. The Legacy, by YouWriteOn member Katherine Webb, became a Channel Four TV Book Club winner and bestseller after being discovered on - Publish your paperback for free, programmed with Arts Council funding for all nationalities  Click here to visit

 Every 3 months the highest selling FeedARead books receive feedback from the publishers of bestselling authors such as Dan Brown, Terry Pratchett and Ian Rankin to help talented writers develop further. Authors can also choose paid distribution options to appear on Amazon too.

FeedARead Author Feedback:
"FeedARead never ceases to amaze and surprise me with its total professional approach and yet one-to-one attention to detail, always being there when I need them most ... very professional, always ... very supportive ...”
Janine Harrington, author of Betrayed and founder of the charity LIFELINE.

"The book's just arrived and I'm very pleased - I was made aware of FeedARead via the Writers' Guild - I'm very glad about that. It's a really professional job."
Kevin McCann, author of It’s Gone Dark.

"Dear Team, I have received my author copy of the above book and it looks fantastic." J E Christer, author of Ellie.

"I have checked and approved my book..."HOMEWARD BOUND" .. My sincere thanks for a wonderful service and beautiful Publication." Sue Martin, author of Homeward Bound.

"FeedARead certainly provide a high quality product. The glossy cover is crisp and professional. The binding is solid and durable. The paper is thick and luxuriant. Most importantly, the text is clear and easy to read. My camera isn’t good enough to show quite how sharp the printing really is, but this should give you the general idea. View Author's Blog 27th July 2012 entry In short, FeedARead have produced something that rivals any commercial paperback. I am pleased – as I hope you will be, gentle reader, should you find space on your bookshelf for a copy." J.D.G. Leaver, author of IUMENTUM.

"I have received the new version of Pool Of Deceit. It looks great! Thank you to you - and the FeedaRead team for all of your efforts in helping create the finished product. Please can you go ahead and make the new version available on Amazon, FeedaRead etc. etc. Many, many thanks.”
John Kemp, author of Pool Of Deceit.

“This is my email to tell you that I approve of my proof copy of "Seesaw". Please go ahead with the distribution. I am delighted by how quickly the proof copy was printed and how rapidly it made it to me doorstep. Also, I am very impressed with the level of customer service.”
Rosen Trevithick, author of Seesaw.

“The team have been supportive, professional and assisted a total novice into a world of achieving my aim. My first book is now published and is being ordered, read, and enjoyed. The comments I have received are that the people are amazed at the quality of the book and are delighted with the ease of the ordering process and the speed of delivery. Thank you feedaread for all your help to date. I have achieved more than I had ever thought was possible."
Chris Jackson, author of Brighter than a star.

"I have just received my book, 'Alexine and Simon' through the post and have to say I am delighted with the work done by FeedARead. Thank you so much for your help patience and understanding during the time I was putting my book together." Andrea Humphrey, author of Alexine and Simon.

"I must say that the feedback i have had so far from purchasers as to the service they have received is absolutely first rate. I cannot thank you guys enough for all your help and support. Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!!!!!"
Steve Venables, author of IRONBARK.

“Dear Team,
Thanks for the first copy of my book "Searching for Omar" which I am really pleased with and the cover from one of your templates is really appropriate. You've done a super job!”
Anna Lawrence, author of Searching for Omar

“Just to let you know the first copy of my book "The Rainbow Serpent" arrived today. I am more than pleased with the quality.”
Harry Dodgson, author of The Rainbow Serpent.

“The self-publication process at FeedARead is simplicity itself. Given a clean Word file, cover design and text, it can take less than an hour to compile an attractive paperback. What's more it's free and the product is superb. The printed book quality is consistent with any best-seller offered at bookshops. Technical support and professional assistance from FeedARead is responsive, helpful and very professional. This is self-publishing at its best.”
Geoffrey Mann - Author of In Pieces.

“Hi team, I have just received my books and they awesome. Even better than I expected. Thanks for doing a great job.”
Arthur Ivor Jones, author of Bear Mountain and The Asian Connection

“Thanks for the latest and final version of Block. It is perfect. I would now like to approve it for bookseller distribution.”
D. D. Ruby, author of Block.

“Thanks for the message - I've checked it out on the site and hit the 'Go' button!
It looks great to me! Oh, and thanks so much for doing such a sterling job, too. The upload process is a complete doddle, and I'm in the middle-of-nowhere with a tiny download speed. Thanks a hell of a lot for doing such a great job!”
Paul A. Rice, author of Tears in Tripoli

“I have received my copies of Madame Liberté and am very pleased with the quality.”
Audrey Reimann, author of Madame Liberté.

“A big thank you for processing my order so rapidly. The books ordered on the 26th arrived an hour ago [which is a really rapid turn around for an order]. Many thanks again.”
Sue Jenkins, author of The Kookaburra Bird. View the latest competition in association with  The publishers of many of the world's most famous authors - including Dan Brown, J.K. Rowling and Stephen King - join to support TheNextBig Author: a new initiative which encourages budding authors to write the opening to a novel.

The World-leading publishers will read and provide critiques for the top-rated opening chapters. Register on to participate. Supported by

 “The Legacy is a hauntingly beautiful, deeply satisfying read .. I simply cannot wait to publish this novel and feel very grateful to YouWriteOn and its members for helping Katherine's talent to shine.”  Senior Orion Editor, Sara O'Keefe

Publish with YouWriteOn - Higher royalties, more opportunities, and leading quality paperback publishing 
"Just got back from UK and it was PHENOMENAL. Had 100s of emails from kids I've met who've read it and loved it, and sold about 650 books in two weeks. All three Borders stores have asked me back and were lovely." The Chronicles of Joya Author Liane Carter  Email youwriteon for publishing details

































































































































































































































Competition to Win a Transworld Editor Critique Result - publisher of Dan Brown - The winner of the Transworld Editor Critique competition was Kirk Haggerty. Many congratulations to Kirk and thank you to everyone for entering.

Feedback on YouWriteOn: 

“It's taken ten years and seven completed novels, but, thanks to YouWriteOn, I have just signed a two book deal with Orion!”  Katherine Webb, The Legacy, a Channel Four TV BookClub Winner & Amazon bestseller.

", for example, I just stumbled on when I hadn't a clue about where to go next with the book. They gave me the breakthrough and taught me how to take criticism. It's as if a switch has been flipped. I know that I'll write from now on .." Douglas Jackson, author of Caligula, achieved a six-figure book deal with Random House after developing his novel on

"Thanks to youwriteon, which helped me completely re-jig the start and make it much stronger. I have thanked you and all the YouWriteOn members in the acknowledgements section of my novel."  Michael Logan, author of Terry Pratchett First Novel Award Winner Apocalypse Cow

'“If you want to get published, your first draft is just one step in the process; the next is getting feedback and really listening it. I found YouWriteOn to be the best critique website and I improved the opening chapters of my novel substantially based on the reviews I received. YouWriteOn helped me get published, no question.” Graeme Shimmin, author of A Kill in the Morning, 2013 YWO Book of Year Winner, published by Transworld, publisher of authors such as Dan Brown.

"I am delighted to tell you that I have today received a contract for a two book deal. My agent found The Apothecary's Daughter on the YouWriteOn website, has negotiated the contract with Piatkus/Little Brown. This is the realisation of a dream for me and I will always be grateful to YouWriteOn and its members, not only for the valuable feedback but for the opportunity to allow my work to be discovered. Thank you to everyone who helped me to improve my writing." Charlotte Betts, now published by Twilight series publisher Little Brown.

Click here to view more member feedback about youwriteon

"As part of an interview I talked about critique groups and I expounded at length on YouWriteOn and how the site benefitted me. As you’ll see from the book acknowledgements, YouWriteOn was a key part of its genesis." Bob Burke, author of The Third Pig Detective Agency, published by Harper Collins, and a winner of the Eilis Dillon / Bisto Award, a prestigious award for Irish authors  which has recognised authors such as Eoin Colfer and John Boyne. Publish your book as a bookstore quality paperback in simple steps.

My book's just arrived and I'm very pleased - I was made aware of FeedARead via the Writers' Guild - I'm very glad about that. It's a really professional job."
Kevin McCann, author of book title It's Gone Dark. Ratings System Deviser Martyn Bedford nominated for Costa Awards - Costa's previous award recipients include
Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time author Mark Haddon

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YouWriteOn Book of the Year Awards 2011 - Results View

Stephen King Publisher Hodder : Previous YouWriteOn Book Award winner The Afrika Reich published by Hodder after developing on site View

“It's taken ten years and seven completed novels, but, thanks to YouWriteOn, I have just signed a two book deal with Orion!”  Katherine Webb, The Legacy  View More

YouWriteOn Book Award Finalists -
All The Other Excellent Stories That Achieved YouWriteOn BestSeller Chart Finalist Positions For The Awards 
-  by order of the month they entered the BestSellers Chart voted for by fellow members. We have no doubt that many  finalists will also achieve success & be published in future. The list includes BestSeller Chart short stories

Jail-Order Bride by Goldie Browning

Cardiff Dead by Kit Habianic

Altered by JW Hicks



The Open Arms Of The Sea by Jasper Dorgan



In the Wink of an Eye by Mark J. Howard


The Golden Dragon by Diane Jackson


The Token by Jo Reed


A Good War by Jasper Dorgan


Coastlines by Tommi


Ibarajo Road by Harry Allen


The Gift of the Raven by Catriona Troth

Bwci-bo by Kit Habianic

She's just a girl by David Stone

Wheezy Rider by Jan Green

Cats by JW Hicks

Gotcha (the novel) by Howard Thomas

The Light from Stars by Perry Iles

REYS by SD Young 

Mental by Elle Madison

The Venus Game by Patricia J.DeLois

Britannia Road by Colette

Coming of Age by Carlie

Ladder to the Moon by Wendy Wynde

A Little Known Fact by Dan Schuler

Revolution by Dean Crawford 

The Bowels of the Earth by Veronica Di Grigoli 

The Second Siege by William Burton McCormick 

Deliverence by Janice Tay

Songs from the Other Side of the Wall by Tommi

The Hikikomori Case by shujinak

This World and the Next by JW Hicks

A Gift of the Gods by Gordon Knight

Connie's Convertible (Revision 3) by Jim Coffey

A Cross by the Road (Revised) by Dan Schuler


The Hypnotist (revised V2) by Rob Ganley

Bunny Rabbits, Elves & Flowers by A J Hudspith - (JohnnyVee) 

Overlord - The Rise of Zenobia (3) by JD Smith

La Putain Anglaise by Lorraine Mace

Mrs Outhwaite by Wendy Newdy

Persona (Revision 1) by Martine Lillycrop

Welsh, Not by Chris Pitt

Flashback by E. Christopherson

Xy: Nathan's story by Kasia

mighty like a rose (Who, me? revised) by Steevan Glover (H.E Glover)

Red Shadows (Revised) by William McCormick

Symbolic Behaviour Emporium by Cope - Walker

Two for the Crow by Jennifer J. Sowle

Dead Dom by Daniel Lewis

The Peter Chair by Jasper Dorgan

Girl 99 by Fisher

The Kingfisher (rev) by Andrew Wrigley

Adiós, Aurora by Andrew Wrigley

The Stasi File by Peter Bernhardt

Cloudless by Gee Askew

Murder and the African Queen (v2) by William McCormick

A Sea of Straw by Primrose Hill

The Rusty Coracle v3 by  jj marsh

The A-Men by John Trevillian

And Stones Shall Dance by David Pickering

Diminuendo by Joe 90

Echoes of the Sword's Song (V4) by C. L. Frontera

A Child of the Blood by Jo Reed

Ready to Fall by Sheila Bugler

The Hoagystone v2a by Edward Alport

Tied by JW Hicks

Death by DeNiro by Mike Hanson

He sings because he is by Joe 90

The Random House Group, publisher of authors like John Grisham, Bill Bryson, Sebastian Faulks, and Terry Pratchett, have extended their monthly reviewing programme of's highest rated chart writers View Random House Reviews        




























































































































































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